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We start in one day

Dear all,

our 7th ETNOFILm  starts in one day – tomorrow, 23rd of April.  From the morning hours, in our Multimedia center, You can participate in the screening of a big number of films from all over the world. In the evening, after the official Festival opening, listen and dance to our boys from ethno band Veja. 

We start at 11:00 AM with a Russian movie where you`ll meet a nice old lady Dzhokopay (Jay) which continued – no matter how big the family tragedy she experienced was – with her happy and joyful life. After her story, peek into Ante Zlatko Stolica`s family to see why and how Every day (is) Christmas (11:35) at his house, and meet (11:50) three Indian teenagers from a small village which – by a higher nature`s forse and choise – became The Superstars of Koti. At 13:15 relax on Muhamed`s sofa and listen to the life stories of the participants. Yoani`s trip will take You all across Brazil where you`ll find out a lot about the CUban society and this bloger`s and activist`s struggles and fights (13:55). Before a commercial break, find out what is hidden in the Books with Remoulade (15:20) which can be found far away on Greenland. Also, check out, along with the author Clara Kleininger, The Good Day (15:55) and potential marital relations between Moldavian women and Japanese men.

After the official opening at 20:00, You have a chance to meet our only Istrian author Vjekoslav Gašparović, right after watching his short but intense story  with You through life (20:15). For the end of the first day`s film program, we`re brining to You a cheerful crew from Weder Noch mit Bart(20:40). which will discuss the problems of transgender people and the fluidity of a gender itself. The audience will also be privileged to meet the director Babette Bürgi. 

Our first day ends with a music program – a concert of ethno band Veja at 21:30.  The guys will sweep You of the chairs and bring the rhythm into Your feet with their modern arrangements of traditional music from our area. 

The detailed program can be found here.

The entrance for all visitors is free and our whole program on Thursday is held in Multimedia Center. 

See You there!

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