Within last year’s ETNOFILm Festival David Kendall held a photography workshop called Tourism, Architectural Development, Visual and Cultural Perceptions of Land Use along the Adriatic Coastlines. The workshop dealt with the influence of tourism development on the architectural and urban environment of Rovinj and the participants studied specific local spatial codes, cultural and leisure activities, social routines and encounters between individuals and architecture. The final photography projects by Bojan Mrđenović, Marija Tkalčić, Dalibor Talajić, Yinae Deokwoo Hwang, Sabina Damiani, Inia Herenčić, Mirela Šavrljuga and Davor Konjikušić were included in the collective publication completed with accompanying texts by the architects Dafne Berc and Vjekoslav Gašparović, the photographer David Kendall and workshop coordinator Lee Vena.


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