Objavio/la: Sara Jurčić, 17.04.2015.

National Geographic and ETNOFILm in search of happiness

National Geographic and ETNOFILm have again prepared three months of subscription to the Croatian edition. The magazine is being published continuously from 1888. and it`s the official magazine of National Geographic Society. It primarily contains articles about geography, history and world culture.

How can you participate in our search?
Tag our Facebook page on your newest Facebook photo that shows what happiness is for you. We`ll reward the author who gets the highest number of likes!

We`re not stricked but some rules have to exist so we`ll put away the photo if:

1. we realize you don`t have the permission to use it,

2. you don`t follow general laws of the Republic of Croatia

3. the organization team estimates that the content of the photo is not suitable for publishing.

Good luck with finding “luck” and winning the subscription!

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