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6th ETNOFILm festival ended – the manifestiation connected the city of Rovinj

After three days 6th ENTOFILm festival was brought to an end. Lasting from April 24th – 26th it hosted 25 international documentaries, a lecture, an exhibition and musical program and it was held in several locations in Rovinj – Multimedia centre, theatre Gandusio and Center for visual arts Batana. Ethno ensemble Čipkice closed the festival with their concert.

Members of the international jury – Alberto Lastrucci, director of Festival of international documentary movie in Florence, Tanja Miličić, member of Pula Film Festival council and director of Valli cinema in Pula and Tomislav Pletenac, an assistant professor at the Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. – announced the winners.

In the category of films by professional ethnologists / anthropologists in TV production the award went to the film “I sign I live”, by Anja Hiddinga and Jascha Blume. The jury appreciate this film because of its subjective approach that was gradually transformed into a portrayal of deeper issues of the Dutch society.

In the category of films by students of ethnology / anthropology “Phantoms of Lovanium” by Ccil Michel was awarded. The jury finds the film stimulating for its use of art (painting) as a vehicle for social memory. It also points out a new meaning of the art as such. In accordance with that the author used the building up of the painting as a method for the visual structuring of the film.

Special mention goes to “Man of nature and me” by Orsolya Veraart because the jury appreciates the simplicity and atmosphere of the film.

In the category of films by professional ethnologists / anthropologists the winner is “The valley of sighs” by Mihai Andrei Leaha, Andrei Crisan, Iulia Hossu. It is a film about stories that are very hard to convey. Therefore we find the effort of the authors to be a good starting point to visualize the traumas that happened.

Films made by authors who are not professional ethnologistis / anthropologists is a category in which the award was given to “Songs for a museum” by Eliza Zdru. The jury finds the film shows how tradition is not something detached from the community, but something that is a living practice, although narrowed to only few performers. This category has two special mentions. Mula, roots binded together by Sabina Mikelić. The movie is an experimental portrayal of both personal and social stories. It point to new ways of possible use of film media for ethnography. Also “I don’t touch the gold” by Paulina Pisarek. The jury would like to mention this film due to its research potential in changing perspectives how to look on culture.

The winners were awarded with the work od Dominik Meštrović from the Academy od Applied Arts in Rijeka.

The festival director Tamara Nikolić Đerić thanked all the partners and visitors ofr their interest in ethnographic documentary production and emphasized the importance of audience from Rovinj. “This year we noticed a lot of local audience attended the festival and we are extremely happy about that. By connectiong several locations in Rovinj, we gave the whole city a mark of ETNOFILm festival, and we will continue working on motivating and including the citizens in the festival happenings throughout a rich film and additional program.”

6th ENTOFILm festival lasted from April 24th – 26th and it hosted 25 international documentaries.
Prior to the festival there was a photo worshop by David Kendall, the festival had a lecture “Experimental film, visual arts and antropology” by Arnd Schneider, special program was dedicated to Italian Ethnographic film, as wel as to the presentation of the book “Others on the Film: an ethnographic film and indigenous film making” by Etami Borjan. Ethno ensemble Čipkice closed the festival and photographic records of Peter Naglič (1883-1959): “From home to Jerusalem” will be opened in the Centre for visual arts Batana until April 30th.

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