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We`re Alive and Vinkl / Živa glava i vinkl

Branko Lazić
Bosnia and Herzegovina
22 min

O autoru

Branko Lazić was born in 1968. He has worked as a photographer, cinematographer, director and producer for a number of years. He is currently the presenter of the documentary programme for the public television Radio televizija Republike Srpske. He has produced over 500 TV shows, music and promotional videos, documentaries and TV series and he has cooperated with Reuters, AP, CNN, BBC, DW, HTV and many others...

In May 2014 Doboj was struck by unprecedented floods. In addition to ruining houses and flats, they also brought a flood of information. After the water receded, so did the journalists, and all that was left were people with their tragedies and stories. …someone clever once said: Where journalism ends, documentary film begins.

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