Detaljnije o filmu

The Sisterhood

Roger Horn
South Africa
74 min

O autoru

Roger Horn started his career in film in 1998, first as an actor and later as a producer, cinematographer, editor and director. In 2006 he moved to the Republic of South Africa and decided to dedicate his work to minority rights and to marginalised individuals. He is currently working on two new documentary films, teaching Documentary Production at the SAE Institute in the Republic of South Africa and he is a graduate student in Visual and Media Anthropology at the Free University in Berlin.

Hope, Rollie and Pietie are atypical South African wine makers. While Hope hopes to win the local beauty pageant, Rollie wishes for a husband and Pietie struggles with her religion and is preoccupied with taking care of her roses, chickens and pigeons. These transgender divas encounter prejudice on a daily basis and at all levels. Still, together they represent a portrait of triumph rather than loneliness and victimisation.


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