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50 Years of Shame / 50 años de Vergüenza

Javier Almela, Fernando Rodríguez, Ana Salar
95 min

O autoru

Javier Almela has a degree in Audiovisual Communication. He has worked as a director for several television networks. Fernando Rodríguez also has a degree in Audiovisual Communication and he works as a director and cinematographer in numerous projects. Ana Salar is a journalism graduate who has worked as a sports journalist for the Spanish Public Radio for many years. In 2011 she decided to try out directing and she finished her first film 50 Years of Shame in 2014.

Fifty years ago the drug thalidomide secretly entered many families. The substance that contributed to the deformation of thousands of children transformed their lives forever and resulted in a long-lasting and difficult emotional challenge for them and their parents.


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